Revocations in Wisconsin: Our Update on Report Release

By Sara Satinsky

Last month, we were truly honored to join partners WISDOM and EX-Prisoners Organizing in person to release the new report: Excessive Revocations in Wisconsin: The Health Impacts of Locking People Up without a New Conviction.

Despite frigid temperatures in Wisconsin, people came out. Across the state — in Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Eau Claire, and Green Bay — they came out.

It’s a testament to the talented organizers working on the ground from our partner organizations, from Thrive Wisconsin Health Equity Alliance, and others.

It’s also a testament to the urgency of this topic in Wisconsin, where nearly 3,000 people were put in prison in 2015 alone for revocation without a new conviction, for an average of 1.5 years and costing the state more than $147 million.

People came out to share their stories — stories like that of Mark Rice’s about being revoked for reasons ultimately related to a mental health condition, stories of being on supervision, or stories of loved ones who experienced each of those actions.

As one editorial — among the nearly 20 news pieces or op-eds that have been published since the report — succinctly summarized:

“The cost in both dollars and human lives is steep and unnecessary and unjust.”

To find the report and related materials to share, visit:

This post was originally published in our From the HIP Blog.

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