By Solange Gould

Image of earth with plants on a protest sign which reads “Climate Justice is Public Health Work.” On the sides of images are other protest signs and signage depicting the recycle logo, a heart, and a scale.
Illustration by Raina Wellman

This summer many of us are deeply feeling the health impacts of the climate crisis — from the hundreds of deaths due to extreme heat, to breathing unsafe air from forest fires, to the “eco-anxiety”, depression, and other mental health impacts of this existential threat. …

By Megan Gaydos, Ana Tellez, and Raina Wellman

Image of person’s hands cutting a slice of strawberry pie. The slice is labelled “community power-building” and the pie itself is labelled “health equity.”
Community power-building is a big slice of the pie when it comes to health equity work / Image by Raina Wellman

Today we’re revisiting one of our Health Equity Tips to uplift how meaningful community engagement as a strategy to build community power is a big slice of the pie when it comes to health equity work.

Health departments: it’s time to establish…

By Solange Gould

To enact the structural and policy changes to realize our radical vision for public health, we need to get really clear on what public health is, does, and can do.

After nearly a year of the global pandemic, we are in need of a new vision and narrative for the purpose, power, and strategies of public health.

In 2020, public health became a catchphrase in popular discourse. In news media surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the uprisings against policing and in defense of Black lives, the term was often deployed to spotlight how various systemic crises cause harm and violence. …

By Lili Farhang

By centering the heart we open up new ways of being together — and new, more powerful strategies to build racial justice.

We lead with our humanity and the centrality of our relationships, making space to acknowledge how our bodies and hearts feel. We seek to build a sense of belonging and heal from the traumas of living in systems of advantage and oppression.

— on Centering the Heart…

By Solange Gould, Sophia Simon-Ortiz, and Shannon Tracey

Let’s use this election to shift ​who​ holds power, ​how​ power is held, and what​ collective power looks like, to advance health equity.

This election, we have the power to transform the terrain upon which the health of our communities depends. To…

HIP Intern Reflections:

By Nikki Ramsy

Decorative image with orange background and blue circles. Overlaid text reads “Public Health Awakened Action Hour.”
It’s about generating momentum, together.

Everyone, it seems, is tired of Zoom. We’re tired of those dreaded “your internet connection is unstable” notifications that precede choppy audio and frozen faces. We’re tired of triple-checking if our camera’s off before taking a mid-meeting bathroom break. We’re tired of rectangular grids that lock us…

By Martha Ockenfels-Martinez

Photo of four people wearing masks standing at voting booths
Access and support for full voter engagement is key for our collective health.

As of March 24th of this year, 361 bills have been introduced in state legislatures around the country that would restrict voting. The bills range in methods, yet the consequences would be the same: voting rights destroyed and widespread voter disenfranchisement. Thankfully, communities, voting rights advocates, and…

By Sari Bilick and Amber Akemi Piatt

Community members at a protest in Oakland, CA. Photo by @ryansincamera

While the federal tax deadline has been moved to May 17th this year, we still feel called to mark April 15th with reflections on how critical our tax structure is to building a healthy society. As we continue to protect each other through…

With 2020 behind us, and a long road to health equity ahead, HIP staff reflect on a few of the things that moved us and got us through last year.

By Human Impact Partners Staff

We weren’t sorry to say farewell to 2020. But we are thankful for the many messages and beacons of hope that guided us through.

Shortly before the New Year, HIP staff gathered together (virtually) to reflect on the year…

By Christine Mitchell, Lien Pham, and Narissa Pham

Tien Pham (second from left) with his family, at his high school graduation in Santa Clara Juvenile Hall

On August 31st, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom transferred Tien Pham from San Quentin State Prison in California to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody at a detention center in Colorado. Tien is a Vietnamese refugee who was charged as an adult…

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